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Babylon is a storyline unique to WoonRO, with a series of quests, items and new maps for players to explore.

List of Quests available in Babylon F1
It is recommended to do the quests in this order

Questline (click below to view) Rewards
Nabua Unlocks Babylon F1 warp via Warper NPC
Immertum Costume Sorcerer Hood Item ID: 32525
Gal Costume Mono Gothic Bonnet Item ID: 32486
Aloros Costume Coffee Cup Neko Item ID: 32428
Anos Costume Doram Drooping Hat Item ID: 32428
Wig Merchant Unlocks after completing all the quests above
(with Key To Paradise ItemID: 29114)
Box of Innocence Item ID: 29115

List of Quests available in Bifrost Field 1 & 2
Quest Rewards
Bi Frost Ticket Used to craft Babylon Weapons & Slot Machine Rolls