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WoonRO gives bonus incentives for those that have helped the server in growth and development via donations.

Aside from Cash Points earned from donating ($1 USD = 1000 Cash Points), donators will also gain 1000 Donation Points per 1000 Cash Points donated as a bonus.

Donation Bonus points are a separate currency from Cash Points, Donation Points are only earned via donating as a bonus.

Donation Links / Payment Methods


To Donate via PayPal, visit: WoonRO Donation - Paypal


As requested by players from PH, G-Cash is now available as a donation method, Contact Nihad in Discord prior to donating. Discord Link: WoonRO Discord

Cash Shop Contents

Cash Points are also obtainable in-game without donation through several methods such as: Donation Trade Back (works with items bought via War Badge), GM Events, and Automated Events.

All Gear/Stat Related items are obtainable in-game without donating.

Some of the headgears available are: (note: These are all obtainable via Battlegrounds )

And some quality of life items/consumables are also available such as:

Donation Bonus Preview

Donation Bonus Points currency will be used on this shop.

The Donation Bonus Shop is accessible via the "Multi Shop" NPC in Main Town, directly warp there via @npc multishop