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WoonRO Cash Shop..

The Cash Shop is accessible via the upper right corner of the User Interface, beside the mini map.

The currency used in this shop are Cash Points

List of Obtainable Items in the Cash Shop Custom Equipment
Slot Equipment Name
Weapon Sharur
Babylon Knight Spear
Babylon Knight Sword
Set Babylon Knight Set
Parts Babylon Knight Mask
Babylon Knight Glove (1)
Babylon Knight Belt (1)
Equipment / Headgears
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Lower Gangster Scarf
Gentleman's Pipe
Father's White Moustache
Well-Chewed Pencil
Rainbow Scarf
Middle Mischievous Fairy
Angel Spirit
Blush of Groom
Ifrit Ears
Black Devil's Mask
Robo Eye
Reginrev's Wings
Upper+Middle Crown of Deceit [1]
Evolved Orc Hero Helm
Upper+Middle+Lower Cap of Blindness [1]
Middle+Lower Hockey Mask
Top Alice Doll [1]
Magic Eyes
Pitch Black Ribbon [1]
Balloon Hat [1]
Ship Captain Hat [1]
Gigantic Majestic Goat (DEF)
Gigantic Majestic Goat (ATK)
Flying Evil Wings [1]
Ancient Gold Ornament [1]
Jasper Crest [1]
Parade Hat [1]
Gold Dragonhelm [1]
Ramen Hat
Red Tailed Ribbon
Yellow Bandana
Yellow Ribbon
Skin Color
Item Type Item Name
Skin Colors Pale Gold Skin Color
Olive Skin Color
Medium Deep Skin Color
Ebony Skin Color
Consumables/Materials Shop
Item Type Item Name
Catalyst Acid Bomb 10 Box
Refining Enriched Elunium
Enriched Oridecon
Enriched Elunium Box (10)
Enriched Oridecon Box (10)
Rate Modifiers HE Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum
Battle Manual 150%
Job Manual 150%
Stat Foods (STR+10) Steamed Tongue
(INT+10) Dragon Breath Cocktail
(VIT+10) Stew of Immortality
(AGI+10) Steamed Scorpion
(DEX+10) Hwergelmir's Tonic
(LUK+10) Cooked Nine Tail's Tails
Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee
Misc 100 Gold Coins
10 Cash Coins (Tradable Donation Currency)
Token of Siegfried Box (10)
Refined Fly Wing (Unlimited use fly wing)
Giant Fly Wing Box (500)
Name Change Ticket
Book of Eternal Youth (Temporarily transforms user into their non-transcended form)
Gender Change Ticket
Convex Mirror
Scrolls Lv10 Blessing Scroll
Lv10 Agi Scroll
Lv5 Assumptio Scroll
Lv10 Blessing Scroll Box (10)
Lv10 Increase AGI Box (10)
Party Blessing 10 Scroll
Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll
Party Blessing 10 Scroll Box (10)
Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll Box (10)
Assumptio 5 Scroll Box (10)
Pet Shop
Item Type Item Name
Pet Eggs Red Wolf Wisp Egg
Shiba Inu Black Egg
Snow Fox Egg
Juliet Egg
Pink Snow Fox Egg
Romeo Egg
Shiba Inu Egg
Woodie Egg
Elephant Egg
Domovoi Egg
Gorilla Egg
Taini Egg
Rhino Egg
Tamadora Egg
Blue Unicorn Egg
Item Slot Item Name
Garment [C] Gunslinger Relic
[C] Blacksmith Relic
[C] Alchemist Relic
[C] Assassin Relic
[C] Crusader Relic
[C] Dancer Relic
[C] Bard Relic
[C] Hunter Relic
[C] Knight Relic
[C] Sage Relic
[C] Monk Relic
[C] Wizard Relic
[C] Ninja Relic
[C] Rogue Relic
[C] Priest Relic
[C] Soul Linker Relic
[C] Star Gladiator Relic
[C] Super Novice Relic
Costume Wings of Happiness
Costume Great Devil Wings
[C] Loli Ruri Moon
Costume Amistr Bag
Costume Rudra Wings
Costume Fallen Angel Wings
[C] Poring Bag
[C] Heart Half A
[C] Hear Half B
[C] Choco Truffle
[C] Gifty Wings
[C] Cupid's Pink Wings
[C] Heart Key
[C] Wicked Veil
[C] Pumpin Backpack
[C] Redurchin Trident
[C] Skywitch Broom
[C] Mystic Cloak
Valkyrie Wings
Weapons [C] Black Oriental Sword
[C] Ascension Staff
[C] Drocus
[C] Soaring Bow
[C] Black Halberd
Top Ally of Demons
Kawaii Neko Hat
Artist Silk Hat
C Avenger
Long Dreaming Rose
Dropping Omega
Fishbowl Parfait Hat
Gothic Skull Ribbon
Macaron Bunny Head
Flower Knitting Wig
Golden Violet
Many Flowers Prayer
Rose Crispinette
Sweet Chef Hat
Small Ocean
Turkey Hat
Dropping Schmidt
C Durumagi
Dropping Oscar
Slurp Slurp Hat
Wolf Officer Hat
Ribbon Of Life
Thermis Helm
Mountain Helmet
Nut Cracker
Northern Cross
Legacy Of Wise One
Hunters Dinner
Hairband of Asmodeus
Gates of Netherworld
Guardian Helm
Mid Blossom Glasses
Floating Parasol
Magic Heir
Pig Boy
Pig Girl
Melon Headphones
Onihime Camellia
Rabbit Winged Robe
Cor Core Headset
Dancing Butterfly
Demons Familiars
Ying Yang Earring
Phantom Ear
Magic Celestial Globe
Nostalgia Cherry Blossom
Gorgon Coronet
Grisly Soul
Low Baby Desert Wolf
Deviruchi Apron
Marin Muffler
Omega Gold Bag
Suit Collar
Scarf Of Hero
C Tiger
Smokie Muffler
Yesterday Once More
Sparkler Stick
Wonder Egg Basket
Poring Letter
Lord Of Royals
Einherial Mantle