Gold Coins

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Gold Coins are WoonRO's main event currency.

These coins are obtainable via Automated Events, GM Events, and killing special-type normal monsters (ex. Furious, Elusive, Solid, Ringleader types)

Uses of Gold Coins:

  • @Gcbuff command - Grants you full buffs available from the guild buff feature
  • Gold Rush - a mini slot-machine type event that can give useful rewards
  • MVP Room entry - a room that spawns a random boss every 4-5 hours
  • MVP Map warp - directly warps you to maps with bosses
  • Restock Slots - additional restock slots
  • Stat/Skill Resets - alternative to Zeny payment
  • Event Shop - Access to supplies for global use, Costumes, and Pet Shop
  • Headgear Quests - Most headgears will require some amount of Gold Coins