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WoonRO provides a guild pack to all the guilds that play. Each person is only able to claim 1 guild pack on the server ever, if they join another guild, they will not be counted as a member of the new guild towards the guild pack. Minimum # of members in the guild to apply is 5.

In order to apply for a guild pack, PM Nihad with the following info:

  • Guild name
  • Guild leader
  • List of guild members

Each person will have a guild pack sent to them through the Item Giveaway NPC. We will double check IPs and unique Ids. In a situation where we have duplicates or people that already claimed, you guild pack will be denied until the issue is sorted. This avoids abuse but also protects guilds from fake members.

Guild member pack:

  • Battle Manual x2, BBG x2, E. elu x2, E. ori x2, gym pass x10, token of sieg x10, refined fly wing x1

Guild leader pack:

  • Battle Manual x4, BBG x4, E. elu x5, E. ori x5, gym pass x10, token of sieg x10, giant fly wing x250, refined fly wing x1, Ultra Union of tribe x1

Website to get started: Main Site

Discord: Click Here

Guilds that have achieved cumulative total donations of certain amounts are also eligible to have Exclusive guild houses and Costumes.