Revival Shop

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Revival Shop


A shop that uses Essence Flask or Master Revival Token as main requirement, can be obtained via the Revival System

Use @npc Revival to access the NPC that opens the shop.

List of Obtainable Items in the Revival Shop Shop

Equipment Name Stats
Strength Sunglasses [1] Str + 1
Agility Sunglasses [1] Agi + 1
Vitality Sunglasses [1] Vit + 1
Intelligence Sunglasses [1] Int + 1
Dexterity Sunglasses [1] Dex + 1
Luck Sunglasses [1] Luk + 1

Pet Eggs
Item Type Itemt Name
Pet Egg Aqualing Egg
Breezeling Egg
Earthling Egg
Flameling Egg

Item Type Item Name
Refine Protection Goibne's Coating - coming January 13th 2024

Normal Gear
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Accessory Aumdura's Benefit (1)
Middle Headgear Takius Blindfold
Reginrev's Wings
Black Frame Glasses
Upper Headgear Wickebine's Black Cat Ears
Snake Head
Koneko Hat
Neko Mimi Kafra
Vanilmirth Hat
Amistr Hat
Lif Doll Hat
Filir Hat
Sloth Hat
Imp Hat
Astro Circle
Bijofnil Wings
Noa's Hat
Pecopeco Hairband
Soul Ring
Lower Headgear Scarlet Rose
Upper+Middle Headgear Love of Truth

Costume Slot Costume Name
Upper [C] Angel Guidance
[C] Holy Klobuk
[C] Spell Circuit
[C] Invisible Cap
Middle [C] Invisible Glasses
Lower [C] Ichthys Rosario
[C] Invisible Mask
Name Slot [S] Blue Name Color

Donation Hats - REQUIRES EMBLEM OF SUN GOD Obtained from Devil's Square
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Lower Gangster Scarf
Gentleman's Pipe
Donut in Mouth
Father's White Moustache
Well-Chewed Pencil
Rainbow Scarf
Middle Mischievous Fairy
Angel Spirit
Blush of Groom
Ifrit Ears
Black Devil's Mask
Robo Eye
Reginrev's Wings
Upper+Middle Crown of Deceit [1]
Evolved Orc Hero Helm
Upper+Middle+Lower Cap of Blindness [1]
Middle+Lower Hockey Mask
Top Alice Doll [1]
Magic Eyes
Pitch Black Ribbon [1]
Balloon Hat [1]
Ship Captain Hat [1]
Gigantic Majestic Goat (DEF)
Gigantic Majestic Goat (ATK)
Flying Evil Wings [1]
Ancient Gold Ornament [1]
Jasper Crest [1]
Parade Hat [1]
Gold Dragonhelm [1]
Ramen Hat
Red Tailed Ribbon
Yellow Bandana
Yellow Ribbon