Season 5 Major Changes

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As we go into season 5, I think it is very important to use the things we learned to give Season 5 the best success so far. As a result we are making some changes in the general approach to the server as well as the content. Keep in mind some of these changes were already made in season 4, but the timing of their changes will be different.

There will be no Odin's Gift in Season 5.

  • Over 120 of these were purchased in Season 4, and hardly any were done through donations. That means they were used to farm cash points and then purchase more Odin's Gifts. Which for some people and groups created more cash points than they needed, and as a result created an inflation of end game items.

The methods to acquire cash shop headgear from the revival system require items such as BG badges. This balances the trade back system so as to not create an inflation of end game gears.

  • The above 2 changes alone will create a much better balance of game progression, that way players have an incentive to progress through gears naurally rather than just farm end game gears right off the bat.

The coatings for safe refining have been removed from the game for the time being. They will probably be made available later in the season.

  • Same as the above 2 reasons. This will also allow us to bridge the gap between new and old players in the future. As a result providing a much longer period of competitive gameplay.

The server will be hosted in London.

  • The archives server will remain in Canada but the Season 5 server will be in London. We are doing this based on our player stats and London is the more central location.

WoE will be set with a no rules system

  • We tried having a registration system. We tried having rules for no teaming up. We tried not allowing small guilds to enter. We tried having a player cap in the castle. We tried many things that were proposed, and the result we got almost every time was that we alienated most guilds. As a result we are approaching WoE this time with a no rules mentality. Normal gameplay rules still apply, so someone abusing potential bugs or things of that nature are still not allowed.

Server Launch and Promotions

  • Last season we did almost no server promotions for the launch and even during the server. Your loyalty and kind words were enough to bring in new players and keep things interesting. Once things started to slow down we hired streamers and started doing promotional events but that was only enough to extend the competitive duration for a short time. This time we are putting in considerable amounts of resources into promoting the server from the start and will continue to do so throughout the season. If at all possible we would like to make Season 5 last longer than anything we have done before.

Cash Prizes and Giveaway events

  • Going along with the theme above, we are going to be doing our biggest giveaway we have ever done. We noticed that there is a trend of servers giving away huge rewards and that helps keep players active and competitive. If the server is as successful as we want it to be, this event will keep being extended out. It is also important to note that this event functions as a huge sink for in game currencies which will help strengthen the in game economy in the long term. This event gives Zeny a bigger value than it has ever had.

Custom Content Schedule

  • The custom content has proven to be an excellent tool in providing exciting changes to the gameplay and introducing new play styles that players have not seen before. However making it all available right in the beginning let's players bypass any items that would have normally farmed. The schedule will create more time for natural farming as well as proper preparations by the players for any upcoming items.

Devil Square

  • By far the most popular event on WoonRO for over a decade. We are adding more levels than ever and making the most played event even more fun. More info has been posted in our changelogs.

We will add any other noteable changes in this document