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WoonRO Pet System

WoonRO has some custom and/or modified pets available.

MVP Pets
Pet Name Stats
Osiris +6 AGI, DEX, STR for 20 seconds. 40 second cooldown. ATK+1%, MATK+1%. HP-3%, SP-3%.
Pharaoh 20 item Looter CRIT+3. LUK-1
Orc Lord Casts Level 10 Heal at 33% master's HP. 60 second delay. STR+1. DEX+1
Turtle General Uses Level 1 Sonic Blow at 3% during pet attacks. Increase physical and magical damage against DemiHuman race by 2%.
Ygnizem Cenia Casts Level 5 Heal at 25% master's HP. 60 second delay. MDEF+1. DemiHuman resistance+1%

Revival Pets
Pet Name Stats
Aqualing Casts Level 5 Magnificat at 90% master's HP and SP. 100 second delay. STR+1, DEX+1, SP+75
Breezeling +4 AGI, LUK for 30 seconds. 60 second delay. FLEE+10. Perfect Dodge+7
Earthling Neutral resistance+3%. 10% chance to autocast Level 10 Heal on receiving physical damage.
Flameling Uses Level 10 Stun Attack at 5% during pet attacks. Gain +100 HP and +10 SP on defeating a monster.

MVP Room Pet Shop
Pet Name Stats
Bandy Panda 5% Bonus EXP
Bandy Polar Bear 5% Bonus EXP
Juvenile Wolf 5% Bonus EXP
Orange Rabbit 5% Bonus EXP
Panda Rabbit 5% Bonus EXP
White Rabbit 5% Bonus EXP