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Battlegrounds commands list
@command Function
@leader <name> Available only for Guild Leader. Delegates Team leader to the name mentioned.
@guildskill ec Available only for Guild Leader. Casts Emergency Call.
@guildskill bo Available only for Guild Leader. Casts Battle Orders.
@reportafk <name> Kicks AFK player mentioned in the AFK warning.
@votekick <name> Kicks a player once required votes are obtained. Useful for kicking Idle characters avoiding anti AFK system or leechers.
@voteleader <name> Triggers a leadership transfer via team voting. Useful if leader is AFK or does not know how to use @leader

For commands requiring names, the system may accept the first few letters of a character's name.

Battlegrounds Introduction:

Battleground room is accessible via @go bg. Players can join battlegrounds via @joinbg.

Basic BG Starting gear provided in Battlegrounds room from "BG Starter Gear" NPC, once per character, bound.

Players who have finished playing a round of Battlegrounds will be rewarded with War Badges.

All stat-based Donation Headgears are obtainable here at Battlegrounds.

Here are sample of some of the items available for purchase using War Badge.

Battlegrounds Information:

• Current Modes: Conquest, Team Death Match, KVM, Rush, Capture the Flag, and Dominion.

• BG Team Class Balancer

• BG Team Queue

• Happy Hour System (x2 Base Badge Rewards for 60 minutes)

BG Crate/Case System Reward

• Restock System Available for BG Supplies

• Custom Battleground Enchants (Additional Weapon Stats)

• Glorious Gear available via BG gear trade-in

• Special BG Shop