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WoonRO Event Shop.

The Event Shop is accessible via @go event, near PvP Manager NPC.

The currency used in this shop are Gold Coins

List of Obtainable Items in the Event Shop

Costume Shop
Slot Costume Name
Weapon [C] Cat Pow
[C] Strike Eagle
Middle [C] Gryphon Wing Ears
[C] Pig Nose
Lower [C] Puppy Grass
[C] Green Foxtail
[C] Blood Sucker
[C] Umbala Spirit
Middle + Lower [C] Scratching Cat
Upper + Middle [C] Black Cat Hood
Upper + Middle + Lower [C] Tiger Face
Upper (C) AFK Hat
[C] Amistr Beret
[C] Leopard Ear Hat
[C] Misty Ears
[C] Chick Hat
[C] Lion Mask
[C] Black Cat Ears Beret
[C] Sleeping Eclipse Family
[C] Secret Zipper
[C] Penguin Cap
[C] White Fox Ear Ribbon
[C] Fox Ears Drop Ribbon
[C] Sleeping Cat Hat
[C] Bird Nest Hat
[C] White and Black Temptation
[C] Costume Cat Ear's Hat
[C] Pretty Bear
[C] Coati Hat
[C] Black Shiba Inu Hat
[C] Tiger Face
[C] Elephant Hat
[C] Sale Banner
[C] VotePost
[C] Adventurer's Hat
[C] Old Timey Derby
[C] Khalitzburg Knight Helm
[C] White Helm Of Abyss
[C] Remover Hat
[C] White Musang Hat
[C] Black Musang Hat
[C] Bijou Hat
[C] Leaf Cat Hat
[C] Pecopeco Cap
[C] Drooping Argiope
[C] Lunatic Hat
[C] Sleeper Hat
[C] Savage Babe Hat
[C] Yoyo Hat
[C] Cactus Hat

Coloring Shop
Item Type Item Name
Skin Colors Pale Gold Skin Color
Olive Skin Color
Medium Deep Skin Color
Ebony Skin Color
Costume Dye Mysterious Dyestuffs

Consumables Shop
Item Type Item Name
Catalyst Poison Bottle
Acid Bomb 10 Box
Stat Food Buff (STR+7) Whole Roast
(INT+7) Special Royal Jelly Herbal Team
(VIT+7) Sumptuous Feast
(AGI+7) Steamed Alligator with Vegetable
(DEX+7) Soul Haunted Bread
(LUK+7) Assorted Shish Kebob

Pet Shop
Item Type Item Name
Pet Eggs Fox Egg
Kishi Inu Egg
Konjin Egg