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WoonRO has a custom Token System that allows players to trade-in their loots from either Battlegrounds or MVPs..

I. BG Token Trader

The Battlegrounds Token Trader accepts unwanted BG Gear Cases, or costumes that players may not like.

use @go bg to look for the NPC

I.1. BG Token Shops
Gear Cases and RWC Dragonhelm trade-ins
Item Type Item Name Number of Tokens
BG Gear Cases Basic 1 BG Token
Rare 2 BG Tokens
Super Rare 4 BG Tokens
Ultra Rare 8 BG Tokens
RWC Dragonhelm Copper 8 BG Tokens
BG Seasonal Case Costume trade-ins
Item Rarity - Number of Tokens Item Name
Common - 1 BG Token Costume Yuki Electro Pins
Costume Black Bard Hat
Costume Holy Bishop Crown
Costume Floppy Bunny Ears
Costume Citrus Ribbons
Costume Lunch Box
Costume Holy Marching Hat J
Costume Black Feather Beret
Costume Saint Frill Ribbon
Costume Bunny Headress
Costume Rabbit Ear Eggshell
Costume Emperor Wreath J
Costume Sun Hat
Costume Laser of Eagle
Costume Butterfly Hairpin
Costume Sakura Kanzashi
Costume Singing Bird
Costume Lazy Smokie
[C] Rudolph Hairband
Costume Santa Beard
Costume Red Light-up Santa Hat
Costume Santa Doll Headband
Costume Lincoln Hat
Costume Lincoln Beard
Costume Five Colored Feathers
Moon and Stars
Costume Diabolic Headphone
Costume Owlduke Silk Hat
Costume Lude Hood
Costume Mini Horse Hairpin2
Costume Dropping Dorasuke
Costume Gift of Izlude
Costume Drooping Blue Cat
Costume Blue Santa Hat
Costume Snowman Hat
Costume Mini Tree
Costume Rudolph Santa Hat
Costume Taini Cap
Costume Green Taini Cap
Costume Dampty Alma Cap
Costume Gambler Seal
Costume Heart Ribbon Hairband
Costume Rose Diadem
Costume Heart Eyepatch
Costume Heart Pink Eyebandage
Costume Drooping Bunny
Costume Pink Bunny Hair Band
Costume Splash Hat
Costume Naval Officer Hat
Costume Watermelon Hat
Costume Red Vane Hairpin
Rare - 2 BG Tokens Costume Black Warm Neko Muffler
Costume Pie to the Face!
Costume Evil Marcher Hat J
Costume White Rabbit Bonnet
Costume Pterios Fins
Costume Carnation Headband
Costume Mouton Life
Costume Husky Hat
Costume Pumpkin in Mouth
Costume Mini Horse Hairpin1
Costume Sepia Cap
Costume For Ears of Tamamo Loa
Costume Memory of Lovers
Costume Jolly Roger Hat
Super Rare - 4 BG Tokens Costume Cool Teddy Cap
Costume Lunatic on Shoulder
Costume Shelter Wing Ears
Costume Black Rabbit Bonnet
Costume Mercury Helm
Costume Yellow Butterfly Wings
Costume Cat Santa Hat
Costume Wind Fan
Costume Celines Ribbon
Costume Blue Brain Hat
Costume Clock Casket
Costume Gifty Wings
Costume Black Rabbit Bonnet
Costume Wind Prairie
Ultra Rare - 8 BG Tokens Costume Kuro Scarf
Costume Kuro Frilly Fallen Ears
Costume Red Riding Hood
Costume Snack Party Aura
Costume Picnic Basket
Costume Requiem Crown of Light and Dark
Costume Rune Helm
Costume Sitting Pope
Costume Royal Rabbit Crown
Costume Camouflage Rabbit Hood
Costume Crown of Victory
Costume Red Strong Hair
Costume Victory Wing Helm
Costume Happy Peace Proof
Costume Raspberry Mousse Hat
Costume Ice Wings Ears
Costume Chilly Breath
Costume Frozen Rose
RMSC2012 Special Costume
Costume Eremes Scarf
Costume Hallowring Rucksack
Costume Orange Halloween Hat
Costume Classical Ribbon
Costume saLUsalo Hat
Costume Bomb Hat
Costume Yellow Brain Hat
Costume White Cat Ear Hood
Costume Panda Hood
Costume Pink Panda Hood
Costume Piggyback
Costume Mystical Baphomet Horns
Costume Wolf Masquerade
Costume Heart in Mouth
Costume Half Heart A
Costume Half Heart B
Costume Happy Lunatic Hanging Ear
Costume Silk Hat of Earth
Costume Blue Jacket
Costume Sedora Hat
Costume Wild Poring Rider
The MVP Token Trader accepts Misc drops from bosses such as Broken Crown, Ice Scale, etc.

II. MVP Token Trader

The MVP Token Trader can be located inside the MVP Room in the middle. The NPC only shows up if the boss inside the room is dead. To access the MVP Room, use @npc instance then walk a little to the right.

II.1. MVP Token Shops
MVP Loot Trade-ins
Item Name MVP Points Given
Fragment of Rossata Stone 20
Fire Dragon Scale 30
Tiger's Footskin 5
Ba Gua 10
Fang of Hatii 5
Will of Red Darkness 20
Queen Wing Piece 20
Pocket Watch 40
Ice Scale 50
Shining Spear Blade 10
Piece of Shield 10
Mother's Nightmare 5
Young Twig 5
Masque of Tutankhamen 3
Broken Pharaoh Emblem 3
Gemstone 5
Turquoise 3
Agate 3
Hard Skin 20
Three-Headed Dragon's Head 5
Stiff Horn 20
Valhalla's Flower 10
Broken Crown 60
Skeleton Armor Piece 10
Dark Red Scale 30
Old Hilt 3
Bloody Edge 5
Heroic Emblem 3
Baphomet Doll 2
Osiris Doll 2
MVP Shop
Item Name Number of MVP Points Needed to Purchase
MVP Token 10
Greytest Branch 20 MVP Token + 12 Bloody Branch + 500 Gold Coin + 5,000,000 Zeny
Bubble Gum 100
Steamed Tongue (+10 STR) 20
Steamed Scorpion (+10 AGI) 20
Dragon Breath Cocktail (+10 INT) 20
Hwergelmir's Tonic (+10 DEX) 20
Cooked Nine Tail's Tails (+10 LUK) 20
Stew of Immortality (+10 VIT) 20
100x Anodyne 50
100x Aloevera 50
10x Glistening Coat 10
Acid Bomb Box 10 10
[C] Drooping Kiehl 600
[C] Drooping Aliot 600
[C] Moonlight Flower Hat 600
[C] Dark Snake Lord Hat 600
Baby Panda Egg 1000
Baby Polar Bear Egg 1000
Baby Desert Wolf Egg 1000
Orange Rabbit Egg 1000
Panda Rabbit Egg 1000
White Rabbit Egg 1000
Costume Golden Whikebain Ears 300 + 1 Golden Blood
[C] Golden Statue of Baby Angel 300 + 1 Golden Blood
[C] Man's Medal(Gold) 300 + 1 Golden Blood
Costume Goldfish Hat 300 + 1 Golden Blood